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OKC Pools Company takes the stress out of pool construction

The OKC Pool Company takes the stress out of pool construction

Serving the Oklahoma City Metro, the OKC Pool Company is a premier pool designer and pool constriction company. OKC Pools has a production system that takes the stress out of pool construction. They begin by providing a 3D Digital Model that shows you what the finished pool will look like in your backyard. Then, they assign a Personal Project Consultant that will work with you throughout the construction process. The Project Consultant is always available to answer any questions and address any concerns. Once the pool is completed, the consultant does a final walk-through with you to make sure that the pool is completed to your satisfaction. Then OKC Pools provides a Pool School to familiarize the property owners with all of the pool’s features.

Quality inground pool designs

OKC Pool Company starts your pool project by creating a 3D Pool Design that lets you see what the completed swimming pool will look like in your backyard. The design can be adjusted and refined until you get exactly the pool design you’ve been dreaming of. All this can be done before ever digging one hole.

Your own Personal Project Consultant

OKC Pool Company assigns a personal Project Consultant for your pool construction project. The Project Consultant will work with you every step of the way to assure that the pool building stays on time and without stress. The consultant is available to answer any questions and to address any concerns or problems that might arise. The consultant has the authority to address any issues and make any need adjustments. Your pool construction project will be as stress free as possible with the Consultant in your corner.

The final approval is all yours

Once the project is completed, the Project Consultant will walk with you throughout the entire project to assure that the project has been completed to your satisfaction. Any issues that might be discovered will be addresses immediately.

OKC Pools Pool School

The last step of the project is to familiarize you with all aspects of maintaining and enjoying your pool. The two-hour Pool School will walk through everything regarding your pool including cleaning and maintenance, proper chemical balance, and any special features that have been added.

Contact OKC Pool Company to see just how stress free your pool construction project can be.

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